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The fundamental rule for Help with Solargy projects and the Solargy website is Contact Us. We are happy to talk to you and give you the answers you need. However, here on this webpage we'll give you as much helpful information as we can so your questions can be answered quickly.

I need to submit a project but I don't have a username and password. How do I get one and how does it work?

First, go to New User Registration on the "Members" menu. You can choose your own password, and you have to provide a unique email address that no one else is using. You'll receive an email confirmation of your signup. Then you can "Login" and you'll be able to submit a project, but you will have to provide the "Client" name who will be the person who is registered with the State for signing off approved projects (see Project Management).

What do you mean by "Client"

"Client" is the company or individual who submits a project to Solargy. Often it will be the Architect, Designer, or Contractor (we use the term A/D/C) who is managing the project, but it can also be an individual homeowner.

How can I track my Project as it is worked on?

Sign into the website and link to to My Projects. You can see the status of your project there.

How can I upload or download files from my Project?

On the My Projects page there is an Up Arrow and Down Arrow Icon which will take you to the appropriate page. Once your Project is approved by the State and signed off by the Client, Solargy will place your output documents (the ones you need to get the permit issued) in the Output folder so you can download them.

If you are having problems using the site

Some users have reported problems using the site for entering new Projects, Uploading and Downloading Files, or making payments on invoices. The site is now configured with the latest technology, but there can still be problems with some combinations of Computer Type, Browser. Browser settings, Privacy Settings, and anti-virus programs.

Solargy recommends that you use Chrome, Mozilla or Edge, with the security settings at the normal level. Linux or MAC OS users can work with any other browser that supports HTML5 and ES6. Some pages are enhanced with JavaScript (ES6) code thus they will not work on Microsoft Internet Explorer or Opera for Windows browsers. If you are having problems, here’s a quick checklist of what to try:

  1. Try a different Browser. If possible download and install the latest version. uses cookies for the authentication. Ensure that your browser allows them.
  2. If you are getting Anti-Virus warnings or alerts, try without the anti-virus running (temporarily). If that solves the problem, you will need to reconfigure your anti-virus to allow activity on
  3. Be sure your Anti-Virus has the latest updates.
  4. If you are on a corporate network, there may be firewall and file-type restrictions, or maximum allowed upload and download file sizes. Check with your network administrator. splits large files into chunks of 1MB size before sending file to server.
  5. If you are having problems entering payment info for Invoices, also check with your network administrator to see if e-commerce transactions are blocked on your network.

Even after these steps, if you are having problems, please be sure to contact Solargy. We will be happy to share our experience in configurations that have been reported to work. We can always create projects if you send us the files by email. And we can send you the Output files via secure file services such as DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, or Zoho. We recommend using where possible since you have immediate access to your completed Project.