Solargy Inc

Solargy offers a full range of Engineering Services

Solargy Inc. is a full service engineering firm that specializes in performing California Title 24 energy calculations for state compliance as well as HVAC and Plumbing design. We offer a variety of Mechanical Engineering Services for both the commercial and residential industries.
• HVAC Design
• Plumbing Design
• Solar System Design
• Consultations
• Mediations
• Drafting
• Forensics
We have been serving the needs of architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners for more than a quarter century.

Design and Plumbing Design

• Residential, Commercial and Industrial HVAC and plumbing
• Parking and Repair Garage exhaust ventilation design
• Kitchen exhaust and make-up air systems

Solar System Design

• Passive Solar Design
• Active Solar Design


Solargy, Inc. has been asked to consult on various subjects relating to mechanical engineering. We enjoy tackling oddball questions, concepts and etc. The following is a list of some of many consultations in which we have been involved:
• Prove that a particular stone fireplace that was installed with zero clearance to combustible material (a code violation) was safe. This required experimental as well as theoretical studies.
• Determine the reason for condensation near the ice in a world famous building
• Help determine the efficacy of an atmospheric power generator.
• Determine the cost effectiveness of an energy monitoring system.


Disputes between homeowners or building owners and contractors occur all the time. Often all that is needed is a sympathetic ear to both and a reasonable solution to the problem. The source of the problem is often not a bad installation by the contractor but a perception by the owner that what they received was not what they expected. If an unbiased third party can explain the situation that is usually enough. If a contractor has flubbed, he and the owner have to be so informed.


The busy air-conditioning contractor is often pressed for time and has no desire to draft plans and do load calculations.
Often a sketch of a building and ductwork can be faxed or emailed to us and we take can it from there. This would typically be drafting plans using AutoCAD that have all the appropriate notes for the building department in question along with the load calculations.
The price for this work is very reasonable. Most HVAC contractors cannot believe how inexpensive and efficient our service turns out to be.


Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong and the mechanical systems do not perform as expected (or the expectation was flawed). Usually these problems can be resolved at minimal expense.