Solargy Inc

Project Management at Solargy, Inc.


The steps in processing a project are:
A. Submit your project and provide the necesary information.
B. Solargy Engineers review your information and provide a cost and completion timing estimate.
C. The necessary calculations are performed and the results compared to Title24 and other regulatory requirements for compliance.
D. Where required (in almost all cases), the calculations results are submitted to the State for review.
E. The client logs into the State website and signs off on the approved Project.
F. Solargy takes the approved and signed-off Project, posts the results, and provides the client with the approved documents for contractor submittal.
G. Solargy's invoice is paid by the client.

Step A. Submit your project

Your project requires basic information. This information includes but is not limited to:
Location of project
Person paying for the project
Description of work to be done
Architect, Designer or Contractor registered with the State
Autocad or structural drawings.

The easiest and fastest way to submit the project is via the Solargy, Inc. website. You will be prompted to provide all the required information and can upload the digital files associated with the project. You can also track the progress of your Project by using the My Projects page of the Solargy website.
You can also send all the information by email to, (or or drop off the information at our office or by courier.

Step B. Review your Project

When you have submitted your project, it becomes a Pending Project in our database, until Solargy Engineers have a chance to review the information and contact you if there are any open questions.
Then your project will be loaded into your Active projects database and will be put in the queue for processing.
If any additional information required by the Solargy Engineers is not provided promptly, the completion timing and cost estimates may have to be updated.
Under the new Title 24 regulations, Projects can take much longer to calculate, so we ask your cooperation in giving plenty of advance time for Solargy to complete their work.

Step C. Energy Calculations

Calculations to determine compliance of your design with standards are performed by Solargy. Solargy Engineers will contact you if specific steps to achieve compliance are necessary. Your quick response to design options will keep your job on track for the scheduled delivery date.

Step D. Submit project to State

Solargy takes the calculations based on your design and packages them for submittal to the State website. If not already complete, the Architect/Designer/Contractor on the Project must be registered with the State so they can sign off on the Project in Step E. Solargy cannot control the amount of delay which is encountered on the submitted Projects due to State review, but having a project which is in full compliance will prevent any unusual dellays.

Step E. Client Sign-off

Once the State has approved the Project submitted by Solargy, then the Client must log into the State Website and sign off on their obligation to observe the approved Compliant design. Solargy cannot take any further steps until this sign-off is posted.

Step F. Post results and provide Contractor documents

Once the project is approved and signed-off, Solargy can retrieve the calculations from the State Website and prepare the submittal documents that the Contactor will use for approval of permits and Code compliance.

Step G. Make payment on the Invoice for the Project

Payment on invoices can be made by calling the Solargy Office, or by paying with a Credit Card on the Solargy Website.